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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I heart the All Blacks!!

Raise your hands if you're a proud Kiwi right now?  (Both hands up!)  I am sooo happy and proud that our All Blacks were victorious against France at the RWC 2011 grand final on the weekend.  It was the longest and most excruciating 80 minutes of my life.  I had the pleasure of watching the game with my dear husband and other family members in the city.  It was a great atmosphere and a thrilling experience.  Everyone held their breath in the last few minutes of the game, it was so nerve wrecking I felt as though I was about to pass out.  It was very still and all you could feel and hear were the hearts of the nation beating.  I kept praying and claiming our victory.  God answered my prayer and the rest of New Zealand's, too, so all the praise goes to Him!

I have sooo many cool pics to share with you all from the weekend, but I haven't uploaded them yet.  Check back later as I will be updating this post.  xo

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