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Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm baaack!!

Hey guys, first of all I would like to apologise for not even letting you know that I would be away on a little holiday!  I was in the beautiful Rarotonga (Cook Islands) since last Friday and only arrived back yesterday.  I was there for my best friend's wedding and it was seriously the best wedding everrr!  Unfortunately, I didn't have my Canon with me (boohoo) but I managed to take some pics with my Mum's (Sony Cybershot) digital camera.  I had to hand-carry the wedding cake and cupcakes so I had no space for my Canon...next time I'll definitely bring him.  But to be honest, no matter what kind of camera you have, you'll be able to capture beautiful photographs because Rarotonga is just that!  Beautiful!  Everywhere was a kodak moment I tell ya!  I will try and put some pics together from everyone's cameras because I didn't get to take a lot.  But here are a few sneak peeks for you to see...enjoy!
My snorkel gear on the beautiful sand by the crystal clear water...ahhh, just like a postcard xo
I spent a lot of my time at the beach because it was just too gorgeous!

I miss Raro!!  

Well, that's it for now.  I will share more pics tomorrow!  Good night!


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