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Friday, 25 November 2011



Good morning everyone!!  Today is our final day visiting some of my 'Blast from the Past' cake creations.  So, I have saved something quite spectacular for you to look at.  This cake was my first time tackling a 3D cake, and boy do I remember how stressed I was during that time!  I had to start this cake over from the very beginning when after my first attempt at putting it all together the whole thing just split apart.  Can you imagine how frustrated and sad I was when that happened?  I was even holding the two side together, in hope that it would somehow miraculously adhere itself to one another.  That was so not the case!

I guess things like this have to happen to allow us to take a step back and assess what we did wrong and how we can prohibit that from happening again.  I felt like McGyver I tell ya!  This type of cake requires a lot of planning in terms of its foundation and construction.  It also didn't help that my cake was very moist, so it was already difficult to work with right from the start.  But, I gladly accepted the challenge of creating a sculpted cake with a very moist cake.  It was touch and go, but what I ended up with was definitely something I could be proud of.  Of course, I'm my harshest critic, so by the time I got things rolling, it was almost time to deliver the cake...which meant that I couldn't spend any time on the finishing touches, such as the wings (which looks so butchered up it's embarrassing).  Anyway, that aside, here are some pics of my cousin Sebastian's Bakugan birthday cake!  Enjoy!!


Front view

Back view before I attached the wings
Well, that's it for this week's Blast from the Past cake creations!  Thank you for going down memory lane with me.  It 's amazing to see where I started to where I am now.  Hard work = great results!  Have a fab Friday guys!  Tonight I'm off to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my fam and friends, so will share pics with ya some time next week.  We hired a whole gold class theatre to ourselves so should be fun!!


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