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Monday, 14 November 2011


On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the North Island's Jump Jam Finals Competition at AUT (North Shore).  Jump Jam is a combination of dance and aerobics that many (if not all) NZ schools partake as part of their daily exercise program.  My son, Javaughn, was one of a few talented youngsters that made it in the Summerland Primary Jump Jam team this year.  As a team, they worked hard together, sacrificing many lunch times, in order to make the finals - which they did.  This is the school's first time ever to make it in, so this is HUGE for them.

Summerland competed in the novice division where there were 15 schools in the category.  Although Summerland didn't make the top five, they sure did a fantastic job and had loads of fun!  The experience definitely gave these talented girls and boys a boost to work even harder and do better next year, because now they know what to expect.  Javaughn, for the first time, got to experience what it was like to perform on stage in front of sooo many people.  He said he felt really nervous at first but once he was on stage he imagined it was just his school watching and had a blast!  Can't wait for next year!!

Here are some pics from the day.  Enjoy!!
Javaughn and his girl-friends waiting for the rest of their crew

Summerland take the stage

...and wow the crowd with their muscles :-D

...energy and fun!!
 Click after the break for more pics...

Summerland take their final pose!!  Woohoo!!

Summerland take a pic with the Jump Jam creator himself

The amazing Summerland Jump Jam crew!!  Well done girls and boys!!

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