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Friday, 4 November 2011

Cake's first overseas trip!

As you know, I spent the past week at my best friend's wedding in the beautiful Rarotonga.  Now, what's a wedding without cake?  Better yet, cake and cupcakes!  I wanted to gift the newly weds with a cupcake tower, incorporating their chosen colour theme - rasta (red, yellow and green).  I also made mini cupcake favours for the guests, which the lovely girls beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon.

New Zealand is a lot cooler in temperature than Rarotonga, so I needed to alter my icing recipe to suit the warmer weather.  I was really scared that as soon as we arrive to Raro the cupcakes and cake would melt!  I was even worried about the plane ride!  As soon as we landed the pilot applied maximum breaks, which pushed all of us forward!  All I could think about was my cake and cupcakes being squashed by all the other bags!

There was definitely a lot of holding-my-breath that went on until the wedding day.  To add to the stress levels, ants were everywhere so we had to make sure we covered the cake and cupcakes well and placed them somewhere high.  Ahhh...I'm just glad it made it to the reception venue still in tact.  Yes, the fondant softened and moved a bit, and some of the flowers broke off, but these were all minor things which hardly bothered me.  Overall, the presentation looked good and most importantly everyone said they tasted great!

I snapped some pics once I set up the tower.  Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!
 Click below to see more pics (including the beautiful venue) after the break...

Rich & moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache

Rich & moist chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache centre and vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with fondant daisies in rasta colours.

Me and my creations xo
Playing around with presentation
Oh, and btw, the cupcake display boards I put together on the day of the wedding, with some assistance from the lovely Fiona (one of our girlfriends).  I brought my hot glue gun and everything!    I couldn't resist some DIY in Raro y'know!

The next couple of shots are of the beautiful reception venue - Te Vara Nui Village
 Right next to the water...

Thank you for stopping by guys!  Hope you enjoyed this post!  See you again next week for more of the wedding highlights!  Have a great weekend!

Blessings xo

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