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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Rarotonga - pure paradise!!

This Auckland weather (grey and gloomy) is really making me miss Rarotonga even more!!  The sun, the warm breeze, the clear water, the roosters, the paw paw, the island chillaxin' life...need I go on?  I was flickin' through some of my photos and decided to share some with you.  Just because I'm sure you'd like to escape away into paradise even for just a short moment...go on, you know you want to.  I won't tell your boss...hehe.

So, here are some pics that would hopefully cheer you up today.  Enjoy!
Pure beauty!!

These were delicious!! 

That's me and my bestie Keshia, about to go snorkelling.  Fun times!
 Click after the break to see more of the beautiful Rarotonga!!

That's me with my snorkel gear

Look at how clear the water is!!

This is where the wedding reception was held.  Awesome venue!!
My friend Vienna and I shared a plate of chicken kebabs in mushroom sauce - salivating right now!!
Chillaxin' at the beach - where I wish to be right now!

My first day in Raro!
Just lookin' :-)
Look at these beauties!  If only they weren't so fragile, I would've taken them home with me  :-)

Well, hope you enjoyed Rarotonga as much as I did.  There are loads more pics of the wedding but I'll wait til my bestie has hers up.  Can't wait!!

Before I go, I would like to take a moment to greet my nephew Julian a very Happy birthday today!!  Here's a cake for you!


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