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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Everyday I'm shuff-a-lin'

So, yesterday I was cleaning my twins' bedroom and right as I was gettin' really into it I decided to shuffle things around for a change.  After vacuuming and dusting and gathering all their toys and books, I began to move furniture around.  I must say, I'm glad I did because now their bedroom looks even cooler!  I'm sure it's going to change again in the future, but I think it will stay this way for a while.

I forgot to take a before pic (because I didn't actually plan to switch things around) but I thought I could use an old one I took when I shared their bunting and ribbon chandelier with you a while back.  What it was...

...to what it is (right now)...

I couldn't find a before pic for this side of the room, but just picture the drawers and toy basket there instead of the cot beds.  I have plans for that big blank white space above the cot beds, so stay tuned.

Click after the break to read more (and see more pics)...

And just for fun, I made some notes on this pic for you...

Well, I hope ya liked today's post.  I have been shufflin' the house around, too, so I may share some of that with you next week.  I'll also be sharing some Christmas decor stuff with you, too.  I've put up our tree (woohoo) - I'm really gettin' into the Christmas spirit in my house I tell ya!!  I just loooove Christmas time!

See you all again tomorrow!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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