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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

DIY Vege garden

Good morning guys!  Today I wanted to share my Uncle's home-made veges and herbs garden.  My Uncle is very much into his DIY projects.  He built an elevated box for his vege garden project.  There was a lot of research involved as part of the preparation because he wanted to be sure that what he was doing was correct - from what kind of wood to use, to what plants could be placed together...the list goes on.  But once all that was done, he got to see his little seeds grow into the most luscious leaves!  We even got to eat the spinach fresh from the garden for our eggs Benedict breakfast one time.  All I can say is nom nom!!  I really would love (to make) my own one day.  Seeing how successful his one turned out has really inspired me to attempt this project.

Here's a collage of pics for you to enjoy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this healthy post.  See you again tomorrow for more delights!


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