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Friday, 3 August 2012

July 2012 in a glimpse...

Is it really August already?  Wow, I can't believe it!!  I'm excited because it's almost Spring!!  I've enjoyed the cosy winter days and nights, but I'm over the sick bubbas that come with it.  Mothers are never allowed to get sick, especially during winter, so with all the 'overtime' I've worked I'm happy to shout with a loud voice "bring on Spring - I am ready for ya!!"  ;-)

Now, before we get too excited about flowers blooming and all that lovely Spring stuff, let's quickly take a walk down memory lane and see what fun we got up to this Winter!  Enjoy xo

Kaavin's 4th birthday - NINJAGO KAI
44th birthday - GOLF
Jaden's 1st birthday - MICKEY
Kathleen's 21st birthday - GLITZ & GLAM
 And then came the beginning of my Kdrama addiction...

Baby shower red velvet cupcakes in a flash

This cake was the biggest 3D cake I've made to date!  I'm glad I challenged myself to create this because I would never have known I could do something of this scale without taking a leap...
Kat's 30th birthday - TIMBERLAND
...and let's not forget the coolest thing that's happened to me since I started pursuing cakes...
Cake Central Magazine Feature - June 2012 Volume 3 Issue 5
Thanks for chillin' with me all this time.  I love hearing from you, so please don't hesitate to drop me a comment or two.  Have a fun-tastic Friday!!


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