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Monday, 20 August 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Asa!!

Hey guys!!  I know I've been away from blogdom lately, but I have been busy caking it here and there.  I am so excited to share with you a cake I made for one of the most beautiful ladies in the world - Asa {from Niue}.   I met her for the first time on Saturday, and she was so sweet and warm and uber friendly.  She was celebrating her 70th birthday {awesome, right?!} with her beautiful family and friends, and even invited my hubby and I to stay for the party.  Of course, we kindly declined the offer, but it sure was tempting!!  Instead, she gave me two gifts - a flower to put on my right ear (because I'm married) and a colourful lava lava.  I didn't even expect anything and felt so shy at receiving such items, but I couldn't decline either because she looked so happy giving those things to me.  She is one very special lady I will never forget :-)  I just feel honoured to have met such a wonderful person!!
This is me with the lovely birthday celebrant, Asa :-)
Now, this cake couldn't have happened if the lovely Moka hadn't come across my blog on the internet while searching for birthday cakes.  Then I find out that she works with one of my friends, Angela, whom I met in Rarotonga last year at my best friend's wedding.  What a small world, huh?  Moka first fell in love with my M.J. tip-toe cake and then contacted me after that.  She was lovely from the first email!  She described her Mum {whom this cake was for} and immediately I knew she was an amazing lady!  Main things she liked were gardening and anything Pasifika!  I was excited when Moka wanted to incorporate hibiscus flowers, flax and her children's necklaces on the cake.  All of which I had never done before.  You know me and challenges...I welcome them with open arms!!

After bouncing a few ideas with Moka {who also got feedback from her sisters}, we decided to go with the flax basket of hibiscus flowers!  Super excited to make this cake because there were many 'firsts' here.  Nothing better than something new to get the creative juices going!

Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!!

And here's a photo I took at the venue with my phone.  The set up of the venue was so pretty!!  And I got to meet, not only the lovely Asa, but her two {of six} daughters, Moka {who ordered the cake} and Goss.  Thanks for the warm reception ladies!!  :-)
That's Asa in the background getting a flower for me...so sweet!!  xo
If you'd like to see some progress shots, click 'READ MORE' to continue...otherwise have a happy Monday!!  See you back here soon!!


Here are some progress shots...
First attempt...drove me crazy!!  They were too thin to co-operate!

So, I started over and used thicker strips of fondant...

Worked beautifully!!  Thank God!!

For the top of the basket...

Drying the flowers...
Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  See you back here soon!!  xo


  1. Jackie you are a ball of joy and happiness! The cake is no doubt amazing and so is your determination, inspiration and perseverance. All of which is admired. Congratulations Jacks, we need more of you in our world :) xo (Irene)

    1. Awww, thanks for the beautiful words of encouragement Irene!! That truly means a lot to me!! It makes me happy to know that my work radiates all those wonderful qualities. I am still wearing a big smile as I'm typing this :-) Thank you for making my day!! Blessings to you xo

  2. Hi again Jackie, thank you again for adding to an amazing day. Mum and the extended family were very impressed with the cake, some even tried to take the necklace off, one of mum's brothers asked if he could keep the necklace on the cake LOL mum was also grateful that she got to meet you and hubby :) the cake spoke volumes of what mum likes, flowers, niuean necklaces and loud vibrant colors LOL she partied to the very end of the night and even enjoyed half a glass of wine :) I hope you continue to be challenged in your creative genre because you can only get better. Hope mums cake inspires future cake hunters. A huge thank you from our family to yours Jackie....abundant blessings always - Gospel (Goss) xx

    1. Thank you sooo much Goss! And to the rest of your family!! I am so glad that you all liked the cake! Especially your Mum. She is such an amazing lady and my husband and I are blessed to have met her. That's awesome that she partied to the very end of the night :-) You wouldn't even know she's 70!! Thanks again for allowing me to be part of your Mum's birthday! It's a memory I will cherish for a long time. Take care and God bless xo