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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Kiwa!!

On the weekend we celebrated my friend Mia's and Terence's son Kiwa's 9th birthday.  We had so much fun at Mt. Albert Wave Pools, then had food and cake afterwards at Pt. Chevalier KFC.  Last year, we made this super cool DJ turntable cake for Kiwa.  This year, Mia decided on a simple but funky cake.  She really liked the 'sprinkles' cake I made for my cousin Seb last year, so I made the same for Kiwa, but this time I made it even bigger!  Pure chocolate goodness...well, maybe too much chocolate, but is that a bad thing?  As an additional gift, I made a dozen confetti party cupcakes :-)  Enjoy!!

And here's the super handsome birthday boy with his cake!!  {I accidentally bumped the cake as I was taking it out of its box...grrr}.

Kiwa with his friends :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!!  Have a terrific Tuesday and see you back here soon!


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