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Monday, 27 August 2012

SPCA Cupcake Day @ Summerland!!

Good morning peeps!!  And happy {official} SPCA Cupcake Day!!  If you see cupcakes being sold in your neighbourhood, I encourage you to support SPCA by buying a cupcake or two from these wonderful volunteers.  I had my share of baking for this fundraising event last week for both Kindercare and Summerland {...still recovering from the sleep loss to this day, hehehe}.  Today, I get to share with you the cupcakes Summerland Primary got to have!!  We had a huge turn out last Friday at morning tea that I had to return at lunch time to do it all over again!!  I made HUNDREDS of cupcakes, so there were plenty to go around.  By the end of it, my awesome team and I were giving away the remaining cupcakes for FREE!!  Let's just say it attracted what seemed like the whole school!!!  I don't blame them, if I saw something was free, I'd be first in line I'm sure!!  hehe.  It was lovely to see that even though we ended up giving the cupcakes away, some students were still donating whatever coins they had in their pockets for SPCA.  Bless you Summerland Primary!!  :-)

Chocolate roses xo

Chocolate and Vanilla roses :-)

Vanilla cupcakes with fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting - these babies were sooo good!!!!

...nom nom nom...

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles...mmm

Sprinkly fun in the mouth :-P

Special request by Barb {Assistant Principal of Summerland Primary}

Boxed and ready to go!!!  {One more box missing from this pic}

My awesome helpers - you boys rocked!! :-) {My son Jubs and his friends}
Thank you Summerland Primary for another amazing cupcake day!!  I'm sure our friends at SPCA will appreciate the money raised for them!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!


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