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Monday, 28 November 2011

Sebastian's birthday

Good Monday everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I had one of the best weekends everrr!  Friday night we watched Breaking Dawn in Gold Class at Albany Events Cinemas.  We hired the whole 40 seater theatre to ourselves!  We even dressed up as the characters of the movie.  Fun times!  Then Saturday we had my cousin Sebastian's 11th birthday celebration.  The whole fam was there.  We ate, ate, oh and ate!!  We ate so much all day that I felt really sick by the time I got home.  I may have put on a couple of kilos from that one day!  Then the fun continued onto Sunday!  We had our first ever family indoor netball game and boy was that FA-UNN!!  We didn't really have experienced players to begin with, but by the end of that first game, everyone got the hang of it and no doubt our next game this Sunday will be even better!!  Way to go team!!  Everyone had fun and got fit along the way!

Here are some pics of Sebastian's birthday celebration for y'all to enjoy!!
Super chocolate cake I made for Seb xo

Oreo cupcakes I made for Seb xo

Ube cake made by Gaile for Seb xo

That's my kinda birthday!!  Yum-oh!!
And just when you think you're in heaven!!  To add to the sweet goodness, my Uncle Ruben made his specialty dessert - leche flan!!  And his home-made ube ice cream!!  Oh, and not to mention we also had HALO HALO!!  Thanks to my dear hubby for being our ice crusher, lol!  All I can say about all that is yummmmmmm-ohhhhhh!!!  I started with all the desserts, then eventually made my way to the mains.  Topsy-turvy is sooo the way to go!!

My halo halo with leche flan

My cousin Pearl's halo halo with home-made ube ice cream
Click after the break to see LOTS AND LOTS more pics of the birthday, along with the birthday boy himself...

I heart this pic!  xo


The beautiful Meneses family xo

Seb with some of his cousins

Silly faces!!

And now with the baby cousins...take one!

Take five...ok that's it guys, the babies are crying!!  And the birthday boy is over it (playing on his psp...lol)

My cake-monster son Javier managed to poke his way to the cake...oh bless!

Seb adamant about lighting his own candles...nek minnit, burnt thumb!!

With Joaquin

Choc cake + Ube cake + Ube ice cream = LOVE

My cousin Wilbur and I.  It was his actual birthday that day xo
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post guys!!  Lotsa pics on this one.  It was hard not to share them all with you!!  Come back tomorrow for more fun times!!


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