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Friday, 16 December 2011

My very own Picasso!!

Yay!!  School's out!!  No more packing lunches, or washing uniforms, or baking hundreds of cupcakes for a while.  My son Javaughn finished yesterday, so he's happy and so is Mummy!!  Now, I have to get the holiday activities organised before the year ends...yikes!!  How to keep a nine year old boy entertained...hmmm...

Before we go there, let's look at some art work my little artist produced this year.  I am really happy that he was selected to take part in a special art class this year (his third year in a row).  He loves drawing and anything to do with being creative.  He also loves dancing!  I swear I see ME in him.  It's awesome!!  :-D

Here's my favourite!  His very own print work.  I absolutely love it!!
And now, with a nice frame (scored it for $10 from Spotlight, oh yeahhh)...
Looks like art gallery material, huh?  I luuuurve it!!  Now I need to find a place for it!!  Hmmm, choices choices choices.  :-)

And here are a couple of other ones, too.  There's sooo much more but I think I'll stop here, otherwise this post could go on all day :-)
My son wants this particular piece in his bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys!  It's Friday and it's a beautiful day!  Thank you Lord!!  Enjoy your weekend guys!!!!!!


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