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Friday, 9 December 2011

It's Friday!!

Good morning everyone!  What a glorious morning we're having in Auckland today!  I love how the sun is just beaming through my dining room window, spreading the warmth and joy it brings throughout my house.  Ahhh!! Love!!

Today I had a very early start to my baking.  I woke up at 6.30am to get started...why?  Well, I have a lot of baking to do for the weekend, and today is the only day I can work on them.  The first thing I baked were two dozen chocolate cupcakes for my son's shared morning tea today at his school.  I did plan on baking double that, but I was pressed for time.  I literally chucked the cupcakes in a box and blitz-iced them and within seconds they were done! Sadly, I didn't have time for sprinkles!  What!?  No sprinkles?  I know, right.  So, to me, the cupcakes left my house undressed!  Oh well, I'm sure the kiddos will still enjoy eating them.  :-)  I know my son will.  Plus, he doesn't like sprinkles, so he's happy.  Oh, and may I add that I only had enough time to snap ONE pic!!  ONE!!  I can't believe how hectic my morning is today.  I usually take hundreds of pics on one cake!!

So here's that ONE pic I took before the cupcakes ran out my door...

Well, I better get back to it.  Gotta keep my li'l cake-monsters entertained while baking a million things!  Oh Friday!


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