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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feelin' sweet

This past weekend was a very sweet-toothed one for me and my family.  We attended two birthdays, and of course that meant a lot of eating!

First birthday we attended was my friends' daughter Eden-Rose's first birthday.  There was a rainbow cake that was sooo yummy!!  That's all my boys ate!!  My friend Vienna made it the night before, and pretty much stayed up till the party.  I stayed up with her giving her some tips and tricks here and there, but I was up because I, too, had a lot of baking to do.  I made cinnamon rolls and red velvet cupcakes for my Uncle Ruben's birthday.  I also gave some to Eden-Rose as a special treat.

Here are some pics of what I made for the birthdays...enjoy!!
Cinnamon rolls

Made this for my uncle, except it never reached him...lol

Red Velvet cupcakes for Eden-Rose xo

Cupcakes in a box for Eden-Rose xo

Tower of cinnamon goodness for my Uncle :-P

Red Velvet cupcake tower for my Uncle

Strawberry custard tarts made by my Uncle...sooooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!

Click after the break to see pics from Eden-Rose's party...

The beautiful decorations by my friends Vienna and Ezra
Cute birdie cake by Vienna xo
Rainbow goodness inside!!
Eden-Rose enjoying her cake xo
Oh yeahhh nom nom nom
My cake monster Javier
My hubby playing peek-a-boo with Cruz

My boys chillin' at the deck
Sleepless Mamas xo
Hope you enjoyed today's post!  See you again tomorrow!!


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