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Thursday, 1 December 2011

December 1!

Happy FIRST OF DECEMBER everyone!!  Wow, it's December already????  That was quick!!  Thank goodness all my Christmas shopping's done!  Well, almost all, just have a couple more to do.  So, today I want to discuss Christmas activities!  What are some special ways you're celebrating this wonderful month?  My family and I have started our JAR OF THANKS, where we write one thing we're thankful for each day until Christmas, then read through all of them (more on that later).  We also have an advent calendar (handmade and inspired by other talented people out there) that we will be going through as a family.  There will be activities for each day to keep our December even more festive and fun (more on that later, too)!

One simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home is by using and repurposing what you already have.  As a family, we go through boxes of cereal like nothing!  What happens to the boxes?  Well, nothing, they end up being collected by the paper waste truck every fortnight.  I thought, why not use this for something cool?  So, I decided to cut out our initials and tape them (using painters masking tape) onto our wall by our Christmas tree.  Of course, I added Christmas ribbons which immediately turned them into awesome, meaningful Christmas decor!  Here are some pics for you to enjoy!!

Front view
Close up
Side view
There's also bunting that's going on top, across the wall, but that's not finished yet.  Also, I'm still yet to put up our advent calendar, so stay tuned for those Christmas goodies!

I hope you enjoyed today's second post (wow, lucky you!).  See you again soon!!


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