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Friday, 2 December 2011

Cake, cake, and cupcakes!

I wanted to end this week's posts with something sweet to get you through your Friday.  Yesterday, I had three orders...for two cakes and a dozen cupcakes.  The two cakes were for my sister-in-law's work's open day.  I made chocolate and banoffee.  It's been long since I made my chocolate cakes with buttercream.  I usually make ganache for the filling and frosting.  This time I made it with chocolate buttercream and boy was it delicious!!  I didn't want it to be too sweet, so added a bit more cocoa powder than usual just to get the perfect balance.

It was also my first time to make a banoffee cake (kind of...the very first attempt was for a cupcake I made for my brother's 30th birthday here).  I've been experimenting on it on and off for a little while now, but I think I've come to something pretty amazing (if I should say so myself, lol).

And, do you remember my friend Mia?  Well, after our touch game on Wednesday night, she was really craving for some red velvet, so here's a batch I made for her.

I really wanted to taste-test the banoffee cake, so last night I made a batch of cupcakes for me to try out (oh, and my family, too...hehe).  I wanted the perfect balance of caramel and buttercream against the banana cake, so did about three different ones for hubs to test out.  After a couple of cupcakes, I think we found THE ONE.  Let's just say it is now my hubby's new favourite!!  I donated a box for my son's school gala's cake stall (which is on today, so come on down to Summerland Primary if you're not doing anything).  I couldn't resist and had one for breakfast...hehe...sooo gooood!

Wow, talk about sugar rush on a Friday!!  I hope you enjoyed today's post!  Come back next week for more Christmas decor ideas and sweets.  Remember, if you're in the neighbourhood, jam down to Summerland Primary gala from 4pm today.  Lotsa fun in store for you and the kids!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Blessings!!


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