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Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy Birthday Zara Ysabel!!

On the weekend I had the pleasure of making a special cake for a sweet li'l girl named Zara Ysabel for her first birthday.  It was such a fun party with loads of delicious food and sweets, and awesome decorations and party favours.  I love kids parties because they are full of colour and fun!  Thank you to my friends Marc and Clarice for letting my family and I be part of your daughter's celebration!  We had a wonderful time and I trust all your other guests did, too!!

Now, you're probably wondering what the cake looked like?  So first up, here's where the inspiration came from...
The beautiful invitation made my Clarice''s uncle!!
And now, the cake...
Chocolate overload underneath the fondant exterior.  The font was free-handed individually to replicate the one used for the invitation.  My eyes were crossing by this time as I worked on this cake overnight, sacrificing my much-needed sleep.  Glad my hands were steady enough to do this.  So relieved that the cake turned out pretty cool!  Yay!!

For all you detail-lovers, here's a collage I put together for yaz.
Click after the break for even more pics...go on, you know you want to see more... :-)

A couple of cute characters I made for Zara's cake included a turtle and a starfish.
And now, the cake as it was at the venue (with additional 'sand' to complete the cake).  Thanks to my hubby and Marc for applying the 'sand' for me.  By this time, I was already sleep-walking...lol.
And here's a pic of the beautiful Gamboa family - Clarice, Marc and daughter Zara Ysabel.
Now, I know some of you will appreciate some 'progress' shots, so here are some that I remembered to snap up.  Sorry there aren't any more.  I was trying to work as quickly as I could to get the cake done in time.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you liked today's post.  Please remember to spread the love to your family and friends!  See you back here tomorrow!

Oh, and here's a collage of pics of my twins Javier and Carlyle having fun at Zara's party (they were getting tickles from their aunty Pearl).

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