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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Two decades of love...

This week my Aunty Faye and Uncle Ruben celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary!!  How awesome is that?  Twenty!!  That's double the time my hubby and I have been married!!  As a gift, I decided to make them their favourite - a classic red velvet cake.  If I had to choose a cake that represented true love, this baby is IT!!  :-)


Here my hubby and I set up their cake and a few photos from over the years to highlight their love story...oh and the faux rose petals to add a bit of romance in the mix...lol.

And here are the love birds xo

Here's a close up of this lovely cake...xoxox

My cousins made them an awesomely cool anniversary card!!  There's this one part I absolutely love and had to share!!  You'll laugh if you know it :-)

 Well, hope you are having an awesome day!!  And that you are celebrating your love with your other half every single day, because life's too short not to.

Have a lovely Thursday!!


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