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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Princeton turns ONE!!

Last weekend I had such a fun time making a cake fit for a Prince!  Pauline contacted me a few weeks back wanting a cake for her godson.  She wanted his name with a gold crown.  She was pretty specific about what she wanted: such as what font to use, what colour the font should be, not to use black, and how she wanted the crown to be placed on the cake.  However, I love the fact that she left me with some design control, too: such as what colour the rest of the cake should be and what design to do around the cake.

When I think of a Prince {or any royal member} I think of quilting for some reason.  I really wanted to try this technique for the first time, and this was the perfect cake to do it on.  I couldn't wait to get started!!

So, here it is!!  PRiNCETON's first birthday cake!!  Enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Can't wait to share with you the cake I'll be making for this weekend!!  Here's a hint: she's a super hero!!

Have an awesome day!!


Here's part of a message I got from Pauline after the party:
"...thank you so much, the cake was beautiful. It looked beautiful and tasted beautiful!"

I'm glad you liked it!!  Thank you for choosing me {again} to be part of such a special occasion!!  xo

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