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Friday, 19 October 2012

Last week...

...was like a lolly scramble.  You know the one that you have at kids birthday parties where you get some good ones and some yucky ones?  Well, last week we had some good days, but we also had some yucky ones.

Starting with the yucky days - It was tough having my big boy spend the first half of the second week of his school holidays in hospital.  Not really on anyone's to-do list in the holidays, huh?!  But we are grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ that he was well looked after and completely healed!  It was the best feeling having him home and back to his happy healthy funny self again.  His little brothers surely missed him!!  

Then moving onto the good days - We finally bought a rug for our living room!  It's been on our list-of-things to buy for a while, but me being me, I had to wait for a good deal.  And this baby was!!  I managed to score it for half price!  I'm not gonna get into the details, but I scored it for less than it was advertised for.    It's on the 'wild' side, but we all love it!  Especially my boys! 

Now moving onto even better days - I baked lots and lots of Pinkalicious cupcakes for Pinkalicious October to raise as much funds as I can for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.  It was a great success that I've had to extend this event til the end of the month!!  So much love and support in my community which is amazing to see!  My boys didn't mind  showing their support by eating the left overs! LOL 

Now we arrive at Sunday and it's the best day of our week - My family and I decided to go for a long drive.  We didn't have a plan.  We just drove and drove until we reached Whangarei and thought "wow, we're pretty far from home eh?" lol.  It was a great day just chillaxing with the four most important men in my life!  Although we didn't make it back in time for our indoor netball semi-finals {a little miscommunication between the husband & wife here, haha}, it was a wonderful day!

Here are some highlights, courtesy of Instagram.  Enjoy xo 

 Have a safe and happy long weekend guys!!  See you back here on Tuesday for more cakin' and creatin'!!


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