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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Run baby run baby run baby run baby run...

That's me singing to the tune of Sheryl Crow!  No, I'm not exactly that old, but growing up I listened to a variety of music and she was one of them.

Today I'd like to acknowledge my man for doing an awesome job at last weekend's Adidas Auckland Marathon.  Even though his knees gave way during his run {from an old injury}, he pressed on with an incredible amount of pain to cross the finish line, not so much for himself, but for his Dad who at the same time was undergoing an open heart surgery.  Babe, what you did took a lot of courage, and I admire and commend you for that!  You and Dad made it to the finish line and I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for both your accomplishments that day!!  Though very tough, you both didn't give up and made it to the end!!

My brother Eric and brother-in-law Stanley also ran the full marathon and did so well.  And representing the gals in the family, my sissy-in-law Kat ran the quarter!!  While my niece Chanel and the Summerland Primary cheerleading team won 1st place at the International World Cheerleading Competition that same day.  All deserve this special acknowledgement for a job well done!!  You're all amazing and inspiring!!

Here are some pics we snapped up on the day!  Enjoy xo

Such an awesome day for me and my family!!  Love yaz all!!

Have a great day!!


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