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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Totally non-cake/DIY-related, but worthy of sharing!!  My brother Eric is running at this weekend's Adidas Auckland Marathon to help raise funds for the Heart Foundation, and he needs your support!!  Both our parents have had open heart surgeries {one double and one triple bypass} and we know how scary this is.  Thankfully, by the grace of God, both our parents had successful surgeries and are now living very well.  It was a tough time for all of us though, and of course, even tougher for our parents.  The healing process took time, and yes, it was a struggle both physically and emotionally, but with the love and support they each received from all their family and friends, as well as the healing grace of God, it was a journey worth going through.  They are a living testament to the wonderful works of God, and the amazing work the Heart Foundation has done here in NZ.

The following link will take you to my brother's fundraising page, and there you can make a donation of any amount and that amount will go to the Heart Foundation so they can continue their vital work in research, cardiac rehabilitation, education programmes and resources.  Click here to show your support: http://www.heartracer.org.nz/JohnEricBook/.


Thank you all for your love and support!!  May you all be blessed abundantly!!


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