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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October {2012} in a glimpse...

Wow, it feels as though October was such a long month!!  For me and my family anyway.  So many hospital visits for us this month for different family members, including our very own son Jubs.  It surely has been a month full of trials for us and a test of faith, but I'm glad we're staying positive through each experience.  Praise Jesus for giving us all the strength we needed {and still need} to get us through such a challenging month {and another challenging month ahead}.  We know that there are plenty more stormy days ahead but our daily focus is on the 'present' - let God sort out our tomorrow.

Of course, we also had a lot of fun and happy times this month with our cakes and cupcakes!!  The main event for the month was Pinkalicious October, and I am very proud to say that together with your help we've managed to raise $269.67 {which I will round up to $270} for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation!!  Thank you sooo sooo much for all your support!!  You're all legends!!

Now, let's take a quick look at what we got up to this October shall we?  Enjoy x

Princeton's 1st birthday cake
Lauriana's 5th Wonder Woman themed birthday cake & cupcake

JJ's 2nd birthday cupcakes
Pinkalicous October

20th Wedding Anniversary
Our spontaneous family trip and all the rest of it...
My brother's marathon fundraiser to fight against heart disease
My hubby and other family members running at the Adidas Auckland Marathon 2012

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


P.S. I will be announcing the Pinkalicious October winners on facebook today, and will update it on the events tab here, so if you bought cupcakes this month, be sure to see if you're our winner!!!

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