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Friday, 29 July 2011

To infinity...and beyond!

Howdy partners?  Guess what cake we're checking out today from my BLAST FROM THE PAST cake creations?  The title probably already gave it away, and possibly the greeting.  If you are a parent then you'll definitely know what this is going to be about.  Do you need a couple more seconds to work it out?  (one...two...)  Okay, time's up!  If you guessed Toy Story, then you're right on the money baby!

I am thrilled to make my last post for the week on my twins' 2nd birthday cake I made this February.  This cake was huge!  It was also my first attempt at a tiered cake, so a very special (and scary) time for me.  Top tier was banana, middle tier was chocolate, and bottom tier was carrot.  By the time this big boy was stacked and decorated, I couldn't even lift it off the table!  And by this time I was so tired and ready to hit the hay.  It was HEAVVVY!  That's when my macho hubby came to my rescue.

Now, this cake is very special to me because of my Twins' story.  If you are wondering what I'm talking about then you might like to read this previous post so you're in the loop.  Since my boys are absolute die-hard fans of Toy Story, I thought it would be cool to personalize this cake to TWINS' STORY.  It was such a fun cake to make!  However, I did have more plans for it, but as it goes, time did not allow for all my ideas to come to life.  But, what I ended up with was pretty cool and it made my boys happy, which made me one very proud Momma!  xo

Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy!

I took this shot as soon as I finished the cake!  Followed with a victory dance, courtesy of  Katherine Heigl in her movie 'The Ugly Truth' (can't believe I just shared that with y'all...embarrassing!!)

LOTS MORE fun pics after the jump...

Javier and Carlyle lovin' their pool!  Especially the slide!

Now, lovin' their second pool!  Ah, lotsa splashy fun!

My poor Javier and Carlyle, trying their very best to stay awake.  All that water fun really tired them out!  They usually get excited about cake, but this time they were sooo ready for bed!

They actually fell asleep while we were singing 'Happy Birthday'.  Didn't quite make it to the cutting of the cake, poor things.  What a great day it was!  Thanks for going down memory lane with me.  Have a fantastic weekend with your loved ones!  See you all again next week for more delights!  


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