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Monday, 25 July 2011

My new Iron Man

I have another before and after pic for you guys!  It's my old ironing board that I've been too embarrassed to take out of my room...hehe.  It now looks so good that it's still leaning against the wall by the kitchen!  I know, it doesn't belong there, but I'm not quite done admiring it.  Stay tuned for the pics...still have to upload them, then do my little before and after magic to save y'all from scrolling up and down.

Here you go guys, the much awaited ironing board makeover!  I shall call it my new IRON MAN!
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I was going to make my own cover until I stumbled upon this vintage stripey beauty at Bed Bath and Beyond with my sons.  For only $9 you can't go wrong!  I love its simplicity (and the fact that it's vintage-inspired) - it had my name written ALL OVER IT!!  While I was there, I also picked up matching table runner and plastic bags holder for only a few dollars.  Gotta love'em clearances!  

Now for all you detail-lovers like me, here's a close up of my new ironing board cover.  
Now I will go look for something that needs ironing...LOL.  Have a great day guys and feel free to share some great finds you've also stumbled upon.  xo

Update: My Iron Man was featured in Better After (which is one of my favourite daily reads!!)  Lindsey is such a lovely chick who loves sharing befores and afters.  Her blog is ah-mazing, go on and check it out for some inspiration!!  {betterafter.blogspot.com} xo

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