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Monday, 18 July 2011

Designer Handbag

Want a designer handbag without the price tag?  Why not get it in cake form?  You get to adore it and indulge in it all at once.  Here is my first designer handbag cake.  I made this Louis Vuitton cake last Thursday for a birthday.  And yes, I did yet another all-nighter!  I swear sleep is like a luxury to me because I don't get much of it - LOL.  Anyway, the details were very time-consuming and fiddly, but oh-so-worth-it in the end!  I must say this little beauty made me very proud.  And once it was off my hands, I was able to rest...or so I thought.  Who am I kidding?  I have twin toddlers that also need my attention.  Oh well, another day!  Enjoy the pics guys, and feel free to leave a comment!

P.S. Who else is loving this sunshiney day!?  It's definitely a treat if you live in Auckland...and often short-lived so soak it up while you can!!  Get all those whites out because the sunshine is what makes them extra bright!!

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