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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jubs' Quest party!!

Sing it with me...

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
We just wanna see ya...shake that!

Now shuffle!!

Okay, so, on the weekend we had a very special birthday party for my oldest son's10th birthday!  He absolutely loves Quest Crew from America (who also won America's Best Dance Crew).  That's what he wanted his party to be about.  So, secretly, I had been thinking about it since last December.  I emailed their manager and requested for the crew to do a birthday video shout out to Jubs...and guess what?  They did!!  How awesome is that?!  Jubs was over the moon elated and so were Lui and I!  We couldn't believe they actually did it, considering their manager actually turned down other requests for the same thing.  Wow, talk about special!  Quest Crew you guys seriously ROCK!!!

Now, back to the party.  I wanted to really transform the house to make it feel like a Quest party.  But of course, on a budget :-)  I found yellow and purple helium quality balloons at a clearance bin at Spotlight for $5 (for 100 balloons per pack), as well as $1 silver ribbon for the balloon ends.  I reused the 'celebrate' banner that I bought for $1 (also from a clearance bin at Spotlight) last December for hubby's birthday.  I cut out some black cardboard/paper that I already had and made it into a 'birthday' bunting, which I then painted the letters on with aged silver paint.  I found some unused blank DVDs, which was purple on one side (perfect for the Quest theme), so I used some of that to make the 'J' monogram on the feature wall.  Here are the preparation pics for you to see...

A Quest birthday badge I made for Jubs
Now, excuse the blurry photo...
Jubs after opening his Quest pack from America along with his new hair cut :-)

As much as I would love to say I hired a helium tank for the party, it never made it to our budget lol (especially with all three of our boys' birthdays on the same month).  So, my helium balloons were 'faux', hehe.  I simply taped the balloons to the ceiling.  It's an old trick I've had for a while, and nobody every notices (except when they pull one from the ceiling then my secret's revealed!).  I think it's a very clever idea and I heart it!!

Now, you have to click 'READ MORE' below to see the cake and some more highlights from the party!! Including Jubs dancing with his Uncle Jan (from Prestige dance crew).

Now, a party ain't a party without a cake!!  I really wanted to make a big cake for my boy.  I've only ever made a big cake for my twins and I wanted this year to be a special one for Jubs.  10 is a pretty significant age and I wanted to celebrate it.  The cake is a 3 tier square (top tier was chocolate with chocolate ganache, middle tier was chocolate with peanut buttercream filling, and bottom tier was chocolate with white chocolate ganache filling).  I didn't realise how big this cake was until I was putting it altogether.  Man, I couldn't even lift it off the bench!  So, hubby came to my rescue, hehe.  I think if I had some sleep I would have been able to do it.......................whatever!  Haha.  I didn't get to do everything I planned to because time was ticking.  I only baked the cakes the day/night before, stayed up until morning, put the cake together that morning, and did very very quick decor moments before guests arrived.  I definitely pushed myself beyond exhaustion with this one.  If I had time to start it days earlier, trust me I would have, but I didn't so I had to work really hard to get it done with the time I had!  Of course, if I had relied on my own strength, it wouldn't have been possible, but by the grace of God, I was able to draw strength from Him and make this happen!  Thank you Lord!!

So, here you go...hope you enjoy Javaughn's 10th birthday cake!  Oh, and one of my twins (Javier) managed to poke his finger into one of the stars of the cake, so Jubs decided to even it out by poking another hole into the other star, hehe.  There are also holes on the side of the cake...gosh, these cake monsters!! No cake is safe at my house I tell ya!!
Chocolate cake accompanied by yummy mango and ube cupcakes made by my sis-in-law Gaile :-)

Cake time!!  (Javier & Carlyle were taking a nap...)
Now, a bit of an artsy one...

And of course, it wouldn't be a Quest party without any dancing!  So, my brother Jan and Jubs put a small number together for the guests.  Definitely Quest inspired!  With shuffling and cool tricks!  

Here'a an awesome shot of them doing the Chinese get up.
The guests loved it and Jubs had a blast!!  Performing in his Quest tee certainly made him feel like he was part of their crew.  He is, they just don't know it (yet) hehe.

And this next move right here is what we call the Jubby (because it's Jubs' own funny version of the duggy)...although this photo is not really doing it any justice, hehe.

Well, there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed this PARTY ROCKIN' post!!  Have an awesome day!!

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