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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Birthday Josiah!

On the weekend we celebrated my nephew/godson's first birthday!  We had a safari theme and all the guests came as rangers (y'know, the late Steve Irwin styles).  It was sooo much fun!!  Hubby and I (being the godparents) came as Tarzan and Jane (don't ask how they ended up in the safari...lol) and hosted the whole she-bang.  I must say, I was very impressed with Lui being game enough to wear nothing but a little leopard material wrapped around him like a very small towel.  Some doubted he would actually do it, but he did and he looked awesome!  Here's a pic of us that my sister-in-law Kat took at the party :-)
Tarzan and Jane (or as my hubby calls it 'cave woman' lol)
Now, because I was busy hosting with Tarzan, I didn't get to take many photos.  It was weird not having the camera around my neck.  I'm usually the one with the camera capturing all the precious candid moments, so it was hard to take a step back and just let others do the snapping.  So, to the very few shots I did take during the party, enjoy!

 The following photo includes my dad's arm (that's him attempting to pin back the tree that kept falling, and the 'I' in Josiah's name, too).

And now, here's one with me and my creation...

I will post more highlights of the actual birthday next week once I get hold of the pics others took at the party.  And for tomorrow, I have a sweet little cake to share with you that I made yesterday for a last minute request...see you soon!!


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