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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy birthday Gjon!!

This past Sunday was my cousin Gjon's 15th birthday.  We celebrated the first part at Ten Pin Bowling and the second part at his place.  Of course, a birthday is not complete without cake.  He loves rich chocolate cake, and thankfully he likes mine, so I made him a very special one for his birthday.  It is a dark chocolate cake with ganache and topped with truffles (aka cake balls) then drizzled with more ganache and melted white chocolate.  Such a fun and stress-less cake (notice I didn't say stress-free?  hehe) because I didn't have to worry about smoothing out the ganache to make it 'perfect'.  Instead, it involved dripping, drizzling and oozing!!  Yesss!!  It's nice to have a break from 'tidy' to get down with the 'messy' :-)

Now I can't take full credit for this cake.  My hubby stamped his name on it by creating the white chocolate abstract artwork on top of all the milk and dark chocolate goodness.  Looks a lot like Pollock's work, don't you think?  I happen to love it!!  :-)

I also made banoffee pie to cater to hubby's cravings...except he didn't mean to make one in front of everyone at the party because that meant sharing!!  LOL.  Next time, be specific babe!!

Click 'Read More' to see the banoffee pie and Gjon with his cake!  :-P

{Taken on my phone with the Retro App}
{Taken on my phone with the FX Cam/Polaroid App}
I hope you all enjoyed today's mouthwatering chocolate haven!!  Can't wait to share many more with you!!  Have a decadent Wednesday!!


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