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Monday, 18 June 2012

Farewell Mr. Fletch!!

Last Friday my son Javaughnn's teacher left NZ to move to Tunisia.  It was a very difficult time for him and his classmates.  They absolutely love Mr. Fletcher so it was heart-breaking for them to say goodbye.  Javaughn considers him his best and most awesome teacher ('learning coach' as he calls it) so far...and he's only had him for half a school year - that's gotta say something!!  Fortunately, I've had the pleasure of also getting to know {Dave} and he is definitely one amazing and inspiring person.  I was gutted at the news because I knew how much of an impact he has made on Javaughn, not just with his learning, but his positive outlook on life.  I also believe that he is one of the reasons Javaughn is excelling at rugby league this year, which is fantastic!!

Javaughn wanted to express his gratitude to his teacher on his last day in cake form!  So he asked me to make him a special two-tier cake for Mr Fletcher (and of course the rest of the class).  Even though I was beyond exhausted that Thursday, I knew how important this was for my son, so I sacrificed my much needed sleep in order to get it done.  So, without further ado, here is Mr. Fletcher's thank you and farewell cake!  Enjoy!!

{top tier: rainbow, bottom tier: chocolate}

Javaughn (below Mr Fletcher) and the rest of Team 17 
Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!  See you back here for more cakes!!  Stay tuned!

Have a marvellous Monday!!



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