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Friday, 31 May 2013

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

You make me happy

When the skies are grey...

Hey guys!  Sooo happy to be bloggin' again after such a long time away!  Been super busy with life, but lovin' every day of it.  Of course, I've missed you all so much that I couldn't wait to share another cake with you!  Today is very special because I'm sharing a cake I made for my sister Jamie's birthday {on Monday}.

I'm actually surprised at the way this cake turned out to be honest.  I had very little time to put it together because the plan was that we would celebrate my sister's birthday on the same day as their house warming {which is still a couple of weeks away}.  So, when I found out that we were going to put a last-minute party together, I had to whip something up quickly!  Talk about stress!  I swear it felt like I was on NZ's hottest home baker or something {which my very talented friend Gemma is on by the way}.

I drew inspiration from one of my favourite cake decorators Jessica Harris.  Her sunshine cake is truly awesome, and I hope I did it enough justice.  The only thing I did differently is that I made the rays out of coloured paper as opposed to fondant {because of the time frame I was under}.  It was such a rush!!  I know I'd like to make this cake again and do a few things differently for sure.  :-P

Anyway, with that said, I'm sooo happy it turned out better than expected!  It truly represents my dear sister because she is always full of smiles and can brighten up anyone's day...just like a sunshine!!

And here are some fun pics of my sis and her wonderful family xo

 Oh, and I forgot to bring a birthday candle...so she had to blow out one of her own :-P

I hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Keep warm and stay safe this long weekend!

Stay blessed and see you back here soon!


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