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Thursday, 16 May 2013

What's at the end of a rainbow?

Better than a pot of gold.  A love story.

Now, you're probably wondering why that title?  Well, I'm not gonna go into any detail, because I think this particular love story needs to be told by the couple themselves, but what I will tell you is that it involved a Rainbow's End...the theme park :-)  

I am so happy to share with you a beautiful love story I was sooo blessed to have been a part of!  My friend Judith married her husband Colin in the beautiful Rarotonga not so long ago, then had their NZ wedding reception this past weekend at our church.  I absolutely love the story of how they met, and I think it would make a great romantic comedy!  Blue painted toe nails and all :-P {private joke}.  

Judith knew exactly what kind of cake she wanted.  Simple.  White.  And it had to represent Rarotonga.  That's where the yellow and pink frangipanis come into the picture.  She also wanted a yellow ribbon around the bottom of each tier, to incorporate her chosen theme.  I was sooo excited to make another wedding cake!  My second Rarotonga-inspired frangipani cake!  It's been a while :-)

So, here you go peeps!  I hope you like Judith and Colin's wedding cake!  I really enjoyed whipping up this sweet creation for them xo





And now, the beautiful couple and their cake!
If you like seeing progress shots, here are a few for your viewing pleasure...

The cakes were red velvet with cream cheese and moist chocolate with ganache...YUM!

I hope you enjoyed today's wedding cake feature!  I'm so glad that I finally got to share it with you.  That's all I wanted to do but had to wait!

Have a lovely day and I'll see you again back here soon!


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