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Thursday, 9 May 2013

An eggless 1st birthday!

A couple of weeks ago I received a request to make an eggless first birthday cake.  It was so cool hearing from Bharathi because I was the one who made her sister Deepana's wedding cake, which was my first ever wedding cake!  I was very excited to make this cake because I had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful family again.  They have been so lovely to me that the least I could do is deliver them THE CAKE they want!

Now, it wasn't easy for Bharathi to make this decision.  She was tossing between a Winnie the Pooh fondant decorated cake, or a larger plain chocolate cake for serving.  In the end, she had to make the tough call of sacrificing the idea of a pretty fondant decorated cake for a larger simple cake {12 square inches to be exact}.  This cake's purpose was simply for serving to her {100} guests, so she didn't want any decorations whatsoever, just a big simple but super delicious cake.  I actually just added the fun sprinkles and the number '1' on the cake to make it more festive...I just couldn't help myself :-P

So, here it is!  Enjoy xo

If you enjoyed today's cake feature, be sure to come back tomorrow for a double whammy!  I'll be sharing TWO BIG CAKES with you and I am sooo excited, I can't wait!!

Until then, keep smilin'!


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