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Friday, 25 January 2013

25 years in love...

Last weekend I made three cakes.  The first one was Alexis' Pocoyo birthday cake, and the second one was my cousin Gabriel's 21st birthday cake & cupcakes tower.  The third and final cake I made was for my neighbours' parents 25th wedding anniversary, which is what I'm featuring today.  What a special and momentous occasion to celebrate!!  I remember when my hubs and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year!  It was such an amazing time for us!  So, being asked to make a cake for this special occasion was super exciting for me :-)

My friend Lisa didn't really have any ideas in terms of design, but she did know that the cake had to be chocolate, square, with the colours white and silver.  So, I had more than enough to start with, and after some brainstorming, I definitely wanted to create something elegant.  I hope you like it!!

And here are some instagram shots for your viewing pleasure...

I hope you enjoyed today's {second} cake feature!!  Looking forward to Feb, because that's one very busy cake month for me!!  And it's all for family, too!!  Including all three of my boys :-)

Have a fab Friday and enjoy your long weekend!!


P.S. Kids start school next week!!  Eeek!!  Are you ready?

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