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Friday, 2 August 2013

Sweet 13th!

Today is all about a Sweet 13th birthday that I was happy to have been a part of!  My friend April had a last minute cake request for her daughter Jade's birthday in June.  She didn't really have any ideas about what she wanted the cake to look like, so she gave me Jade's favourite colours to work with.  Instantly I wanted to create a watercolour effect on the buttercream, which I was really excited about because I first tried it in 2011 just from experimenting with a cake I was making for my Uncle.  Yup, a long time ago and it was a happy accident.  I haven't really practised this technique much since then because I've received so many cake requests that were for cakes covered in either fondant or some type of chocolate frosting.  I was sooo glad to finally give this effect a go again.  I really love how it looks!

If you would like to learn how to do this, then read on.  Recently I made a really cool how-to video for this technique.  Nah, just kidding!  I didn't have to make a video because one of my favourite bakers/bloggers, Rosie, already did!  And she did a wonderful job at explaining how to get this effect step by step.  You can check it out on her website/blog Sweetapolita if you want to give this a go yourself.  It's super fun and the end result is ahhhmazing!

Now it's time to reveal Jade's 13th birthday cake to you all!  I hope you like it!! {Photos taken on my phone}.

Now, let's take a closer look...

Yum and fun!!  Now, here are some progress shots 'cause I know you like checking these out...

Don't ya just love how the different colours swirl together in beautiful harmony?  Sooo pretty!!

Well, I hope you liked today's cake feature!  Be sure to come back next week for more CAKE and DIY!!

Have a wonderful weekend and catch you back here soon!


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