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Friday, 16 August 2013

DIY: Scrapbook map art

One of the things I absolutely love about homes is the little details that make them unique.  Today's DIY special is all about adding a touch of your identity into your home.  It is super quick and easy, and of course FUN!

Here's what ya need:
Scrapbook paper {assorted designs/colours}
Picture frame{s}
Glue stick

You also need to work off a laptop or computer with a printer because you have to print the outline of your chosen map...otherwise if you're feeling extra artsy fartsy, just use a pen or pencil and draw :-)

Note: the map of Philippines was too complicated to cut out so I simply coloured it in using a black felt :-)  Choose your battles guys!

Now, let's let the pictures do the talking...
Print your chosen map outlines on different sheets of scrapbook paper.
Carefully cut out your map.
Glue your map onto another sheet of {cut-to-frame-size} scrapbook paper.
And frame your art work!  These frames were a score at .66cents each!!
And there ya have it!!  
Now, the map of Samoa {the red one above^} was bothering me.  It just looked wrong and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  So I decided to scratch it and make another one.  But this time I took on board my hubby's suggestion of making it smaller so that there's more 'water' around it to make it look more like an island.  I'm glad I asked him for his opinion because he was right on the money.  It looked WAAAAY better smaller.  So, here is how they look on my {*SPOILER ALERT} gallery wall.

I just love how something so small can add so much meaning to a home.  It shows our identity in such a fun way.  Now my gallery wall is up but I won't be sharing that with you til later, so you're gonna have to wait a little while longer for that.  Don't worry, it won't be that long! :-)

Feel free to give this easy DIY project a go and send me pics of your creation!  Who knows, I may even feature your masterpiece on my blog!

Have an awesome wet weekend guys!!  And to those of you who were rattled by today's earthquakes, I am keeping you all in my prayers.  Keep warm and stay safe!  God bless!


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