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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy 11th birthday to my Jubs!!

Is it March already?  I can't believe it!!  I've decided I won't be doing a February monthly glimpse, because my posts are running behind schedule, so I'll be combining Feb with March instead :-)  Hope you don't mind :-P

Today, I get to share with you my oldest boy's birthday highlights!  Javaughn {aka Jubs} turned 11 on the 23rd of Feb, and this year his birthday landed on a Saturday which was great!!  We kicked the day off at Megazone {Mt. Wellington}, where we played laser tag, dodgem cars, laser web missions, and arcade games.  It was awesome!!  

BEFORE laser tag...nice and dry :-)

Laser web mission - The yellow arrow is pointing to my cousin Criselda...you can see her legs and that's about it lol

Dodgem cars

AFTER laser tag...nice and sweaty :-)

The very happy 11 year old xo

Soon after we went to my sister's place for a feed and of course, some cake!  Now, this cake/cupcakes/brownies were only baked that very same day, as in, while we were at my sister's place with everyone around.  I was feeling run down days leading up to his birthday so I really couldn't work on it in advance.  Let's just say I prefer baking alone, lol.  I forgot to add a couple of things, like baking powder and baking soda, but did my best to rectify the situation {I mixed it in the batter after it had already been baking for 15 minutes...eek!}  These are the things you SHOULD NOT DO by the way.  Just as well, it turned out ok...that's the best word I can come up with.  Nobody seemed to notice...either that or they were too polite to say anything, haha!

This cake was super simple to make!  All you need are three {square} layers of your favourite chocolate cake, fill with chocolate buttercream {or ganache}, then frost with {green} vanilla buttercream {use a 'grass' tip}.  And that's it!!  I made Jubs' favourite vanilla cupcakes to surround the cake, and that was also frosted with 'grass' {I even ran out of green icing so I ended up using the remaining chocolate buttercream I used to fill the cake with for a couple of the cupcakes}.  So simple, yet effective!!  And best of all, the birthday boy LOVED it!!  That's all the matters in the end :-)

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, enjoy xo

{posterised version}

Minecraft cupcakes

The very happy birthday boy :-)

Jubs blowing out his candles with some of his cousins

Minecraft cake all cut up and ready to serve...

Minecraft dirt brownies...thanks to my helper Trisha :-)
 Click on 'read more' to see more pics...

And here are some more posterised versions {to get the minecraft feel} just for fun...

Hope you enjoyed today's cake feature!!  Got cupcakes to share with you some time this week, so be sure to come back!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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