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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Donald Duck turns 21!

Hi guys!  As you know, I haven't had the time to make regular posts since last week because I have been really busy working on two cake projects.  The first one I want to share with you this week is a special character cake I made for a 21st birthday last Friday.  His name is Lewys-D'Von, and ever since he was a little boy he has been given the Disney character Donald Duck.  I think it's awesome!  I was always the 'Tweety' in my family, so I understood the significance of this particular cake request.  His Mum (Me') rang me one morning asking if I could make this cake for her son.  She really loved the cake I made for Xanda and Noah that she knew I had to make her son's one!  First of all, it was such a blessing and honour just to be called!  So, I couldn't say no!

Here are some progress shots of the cake for you to see...
Mmm...red velvet/cream cheese and chocolate/chocolate!!
Cover that with chocolate ganache goodness...
...then top that with fondant...
...and there's your canvas ready to be decorated!!
Now I know you want to see how this cake turned out, so click on 'Read More' to find out!!

Add more details...
...and voila!!
Here are some more pics showing different angles.  Enjoy!!
The small symbol on the bottom right of the cake is their family symbol.
The words at the front of the cake is Lewys-D'Von's school motto.  It means 'through hardship to glory'.

There were definitely specific requirements for this cake, from the type of fonts to use, to the design and the dimensions of the cake, to the placement of all the personalised details.  While I had no input on the design of this cake (Me' was super organised and knew exactly what she wanted which was great!) I was able to still add  a bit of  'me' into it by adding the starts around the cake.  Nothing over the top, because Lewys-D'Von is a simple kinda guy, but enough to make this cake that much more special to suit the wonderful occasion they were celebrating.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this cake.  This baby took me a loooong time to put together because of all the details involved.  Everything was hand-cut or hand-piped and that meant very focused eyes and steady hands were a must!  Something challenging at 3 in the morning that's for sure!!  But, I'm sooo happy with how it turned out!!  And best of all, Me' and her family LOVED the look and taste of the cake!  Apparently Red Velvet was the winning flavour of the night!  I'm glad I convinced her into trying it!  :-)

Thank you Me' for choosing me to be a part of your son Lewys-D'Von's special day!  I hope this is the first of many more birthday cakes to come!

Hope you all enjoyed today's post!  Have an awesome day!!



  1. Beautiful job! Really amazing. I love the simple look...very classy.

  2. hi miss jackie
    family and friends are still talking about your beautiful detailed cake you did for our son.
    thank you so much for your time and your wonderful God given talents. we have spread the word about your creative abilities.
    red velvet an extremely delectable experience in your mouth ...... i'm loving it !!!!!!
    i already know, for our middle child, you are doing to love doing his cake, as the character is close to your heart ... :o)
    thank you again and massive blessings to you and your wonderful family.
    Peace out
    Me`Joyce Ah Ken